Skincare Solutions

We have chosen MD Dermatics as our primary skincare in all our in-salon, in-clinic and homecare treatments. Imported from USA, MD Dermatics is used worldwide by Dermatologists, Physicians and Medical Spas to treat a wide variety of premature ageing concerns like Hyper-Pigmentation, Acne, Wrinkles and to promote Anti-Ageing benefits. Discover how you can stop covering up your skincare problems and start revealing your bare, beautiful skin once more.
Results driven results for MD Dermatics

Results Driven

Trusted by Dermatologists to treat a variety of premature ageing concerns, MD Dermatics is suitable for asian skin types and has been proven for any age, gender and skin type.
Long term safety record for MD Dermatics

Long Term Safety

Vedure uses MD Dermatics, a US dermatological brand throughout all our men's services, from our cleanser down to our sun protection, ensuring great results every single time.
MD Dermatics contains premium skincare ingredients

Premium Ingredients

From our extra wide electric treatment beds, our luxurious manicure chairs with massage functions or our full sized bathrooms with a full set of men's toiletries, Vedure has perfected the art of self-indulgence.

Premium Anti-Ageing Skincare

Skin Treatment Kits

Have skin problems that aren't going away ? MD Dermatics' Skin Rebirth System or the Advanced Acne System is the perfect home care regime to treat problems like Hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles and acne. Enhance the benefits of your facial programs with these complementary products.

In-Salon/Clinic Products

From our cleansers to our sun protection products, we have chosen MD Dermatics for its premiuim ingredients and high efficiency rating. Considered the gold standard by the American Academy of Dermatology, MD Dermatics will provide the essential foundation for all our facial services.

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